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We do have real names! 

I’m Jen.
I’m Corri.
I’m Kaela.

We are moms. We are wives. We are entrepreneurs, entertainers, and executives.

All at the same time, never in the same order.

In motherhood, balance is impossible. Take the leap. Wear the hats. Drop the ball.

Then fix your crown, get back up and keep on singing.

Jen Kulp

mom to girl, boy, boy, girl, in that order! 

Other hats: tv executive, author, co-creator of Dad or Alive and Think Outside the Lunchbox. Makes a cheeseball that will make all your guests love her and hate her at the same time.

Corri English-Bentli

mom to 2 boys, over 5 years apart in age!

Other hats: actor, voice-over artist, singer song-writer, guitar player. Likes to lift really heavy things.

 Expert wine drinker. And really good at Googling things.

Kaela Kinney

mom to 4 angels and one perfect rainbow! 

Other hats: entrepreneur, creator of K'La Straps, song-writer, tv host, interior designer. Can make a feast out of whatever is left in your fridge. And flips everything.

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