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The Birth Plan -- a Great Set of "Ideal Preferences"...

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Hey guys! If you tune in to this week's podcast you'll hear of Kaela's actual surprise that a Birth Plan is, in fact, a real, true written down plan. A list. We've talked a lot on the podcast and also IRL about how with birth, nothing goes according to plan... even if it's your fourth baby! So your Birth Plan should be just a list of preferences, really. A set of contingencies; a plan with some backup plans. Henceforth let's call it Birth Preferences... a set of ideal preferences for labor and delivery, post-partum, and even hospital newborn care that might help you think about your birth in a more well-rounded way. Take a spin through this great template from The Bump and see if it helps you craft your own!

Along with having an idea about how you'd like for your birth to go, we've also compiled a list of must-have's for Kaela's Extra Fancy Hospital Bag! Believe it or not, you'll need next to nothing for your little one at the hospital--they will provide everything you need from diapers to wipes to swaddles to clothes and even to formula and pacifiers. OF COURSE, you can (and should) pack anything you want or need that's extra special... some examples include:

3. Mommy & Me outfit for newborn photos

4. Robe

5. Nightgown

6. Couple of nursing bras

7. Camis or tank tops

8. Several pairs of boy shorts or full coverage panties

9. Loose pants

10. Makeup bag

11. Dry shampoo, hair brush

12. Toothbrush/Toothpaste

13. Deodorant

14. Slippers and flip flops (for shower)

15. iPad, iPhone

16. Chargers

17. Pillowcase and blanket

18. Snacks

19. Going Home outfit for baby

20. Going Home outfit maxi dress for mom

21. Insurance information, driver's license or passport

22. Copy of the Birth Plan

23. Camera

24. Pediatrician contact information

**Make sure carseat is correctly installed**

In addition to your goodies and stuff for the baby, you should also make sure your partner is well prepared and his (or her) list is definitely different than yours. Corri's husband had one goal: look nice when he met his son for the first time. Honorable! We salute this!

Corri's husband, Ty, had his nice clothes all laid out for their son's birth!

If you're interested, check out these best-selling books for dads to-be written by Jen's husband Adrian of DadOrAlive. They are available (and some of the other items on the hospital list above as well) on ... look in the Parents-to-Be section.

What things are missing, what are absolute must-have's and what are things you should just leave at home? Do you have any suggestions for our mama-to-be, Kaela? We'd love to hear what your favorite things were that you took to the hospital or birthing center.

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